PSU WSOC plays West Virginia in the Mountain momma!!!

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The journey began when we left home at 7:41 am, on our way to West Virginia, thanks, John Denver it is a place we can sign about whether we win OR  lose. The skies here in Pennsylvania look promising but it’s supposed to rain during game time, thanks to the remnants of Hurricane Harvey ….yikes —-” rain, rain go away come again another day West Virginia and Penn State want to play—–Soccer”!!

We’ve been on the road for about 2/12 hours cruising through Pennsylvania.  We just drove into the rain over the Pennsylvania/ Maryland border, a steady rain…. rain, rain go away Penn State and West Virginia want to play — soccer!!!

I just checked in with the mileage application and we are about 60 miles from the West Virginia border….. mountain momma. This has been the most boring ride, nothing but land and trees to see. Much different than…

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